• Chronos eating the works of men. Franciscus Perrier, 1638

  • Chronos unveiling veritas. Baciccia, 1646, El Prado

  • Jan 2020

Welcome to the web page of J. Fidel González Rouco.

I am associate Professor at the Dept. of Earth Physics and Astrophysics of the U. Complutense de Madrid; also belong to the Geosciences Institute (IGEO).
We focus on problems that involve performing and analysing model simulations and comparison with proxy based reconstructions within the frame of last millennia climate variability and change. The objective is to obtain a better representation of model and reconstruction uncertainty and derive lessons about mechanisms or application of models to future climate change scenarios. At regional scales, we use statistical and dynamical downscaling approaches to understand regional/local climate variability in relationship to large scale dynamics, with diverse applications, like estimation of regional climate change or energy resource assessment.